(by Dooney and Burqa)

Hunters, fisherman, firefighters and campaigning politicians have worn our clothing for decades, both for its practical qualities and for the aura of competence our clothes confer upon the wearer. Now we are proud to offer our protective clothing for the observant Muslim sportswoman who, we like to imagine, will thank Allah for these sturdily manufactured, completely obscuring garments:

OUR Patriot’s Burqa
Demonstrate where your loyalties really lie without offending your co-religionists or endangering your afterlife situation. An unusual, hands-across-the-cultural-divide gesture in textile form, Our Patriot’s Burqa is made of Egyptian cotton, which is almost as tough and long-wearing as domestic, synthetic blends costing half as much. May be worn to Tea Party events with minimal concern for life and limb. Not advisable for wear in OPEC states.

OUR No. 1 Hunting Burqa
Tightly woven acrylic fabric offers superior abrasion resistance and complete silence while blending into the field or public places. Inside are two side pockets with shell loops and one large waterproof gamebox pocket big enough to hold XBox 360 or Wii console. A zippered media pocket provides ample storage for detonators and prayer accessories.

OUR No. 2 Hunting Burqa (Blaze)
Same fabric and properties as our Camo Hunting Burqa, but without camouflaging characteristics. Wearer is highly visible in just about any environment. Light-weight, light-reflecting finish is not to be worn lightly.

OUR Down-East/Mid-East Burqa
Muslim fisherpersons, oil rig workers and others who deal with wet or windy conditions will appreciate this Islamic variation on Our Traditional Fisherman’s Slicker. Mesh zoning technology, sturdy ripstop weave and tricot neck lining contribute to a garment that is very durable, waterproof, sand-proof and breathable in all conditions from Nor’easter to Sirocco.