Do you trim your moustache or your mustache?
Go to the theatre or the theater?
Need a kick in the ass or arse?
Do you honor the flag or honour it?
Which do you simply do not see: a man’s skin color or its colour?
The US and the UK are two nations divided by a common language, as Oscar Wilde–or was it George Bernard Shaw?– so aptly put it. American SpellChecker, from Hunter Gatherer Software, eliminates potential embarrassment caused by politically incorrect or non-preferred alternate spellings.
No more apologizing for looking anaemic when actually, you look anemic. If the boss is paying, skip the appetiser, but not the appetizer. And never refer to the Democratic Party when you mean the Democrat Party.

Also from HunterGatherer:


Vibrant new visuals (Fight it out on the Ginza, in Filene’s Basement or a Williamsburg loft conversion left unfinished after the housing crash, among other environments) enliven this old favorite. The same wacky humor is still in evidence. This time, every NRA avatar has a tiny pecker and Helena Christensen is fat as a house.
New NRA avatars include: Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney, Mel Gibson (mug shot version)
New PETA avatars include Adlai Stevenson, Paul McCartney, Goran Visnjic

“Intermittent awesomeness amidst a sea of carnage...” – Desperate Gamer Monthly