Any species tastes better when it’s endangered.

Here is the ideal gift for the carnivore who thinks sustainability is for crops.

Each combo pack contains:
4 6-oz. Monkeyburgers
1 Silverside of Silverback, 2 lbs (approx.)
2 8-oz. Fillets of Scaly Anteater
4 3-oz. Porcupine Paillards
2 10-oz. Dwarf Crocodile Brochettes

This gourmet bounty arrives at your door flash-frozen and packed in an attractive insulated container shaped like an elephant’s foot. Container is a sure conversation starter, and may be re-purposed as useful firkin or umbrella stand.

No matter how you cook it, Our Bushmeat is rare!


Wear your liberal, caring heart on your sleeve – literally – with these exquisite cufflinks.

At Our Store, we know there's no crime in leading with the heart. Compassion for mankind, firm commitments to social justice and conservation, a fondness for folk music — these are much admired traits all over the world.

But how much do they mean if you don’t share them?

Modern life allows few opportunities to display the values that have made liberalism one of the most respected belief systems in this and many another country.

Nothing says you care passionately – but not so passionately that you might go postal - than a pair of elegant cuff links. These are the perfect accessory to display your class and style while reaffirming your belief that we are all our brother’s keepers.

Cufflinks have rhodium plated backing and end tips. Red enamel is guaranteed not to drip unless exposed to human tears. Will not chip or fade unless subjected to thirty years of opprobrium.