Any species tastes better when it’s endangered.

Here is the ideal gift for the carnivore who thinks sustainability is for crops.

Each combo pack contains:
4 6-oz. Monkeyburgers
1 Silverside of Silverback, 2 lbs (approx.)
2 8-oz. Fillets of Scaly Anteater
4 3-oz. Porcupine Paillards
2 10-oz. Dwarf Crocodile Brochettes

This gourmet bounty arrives at your door flash-frozen and packed in an attractive insulated container shaped like an elephant’s foot. Container is a sure conversation starter, and may be re-purposed as useful firkin or umbrella stand.

No matter how you cook it, Our Bushmeat is rare!


Wear your liberal, caring heart on your sleeve – literally – with these exquisite cufflinks.

At Our Store, we know there's no crime in leading with the heart. Compassion for mankind, firm commitments to social justice and conservation, a fondness for folk music — these are much admired traits all over the world.

But how much do they mean if you don’t share them?

Modern life allows few opportunities to display the values that have made liberalism one of the most respected belief systems in this and many another country.

Nothing says you care passionately – but not so passionately that you might go postal - than a pair of elegant cuff links. These are the perfect accessory to display your class and style while reaffirming your belief that we are all our brother’s keepers.

Cufflinks have rhodium plated backing and end tips. Red enamel is guaranteed not to drip unless exposed to human tears. Will not chip or fade unless subjected to thirty years of opprobrium.


Program 1: A Pothole Grows in Brooklyn

Even those who find most ambient DVDs too hectic will calm right down with the sights and sounds of subsidence in the Borough of Kings. Two discs, four hours running time.

Scene 1: Shadows, sun, puddle

Scene 2: Evaporation happens!

Scene 3: Shadow, light

Scene 4: Light, shadow

Scene 5: Shadowy light

Scene 6: Dusk... or maybe dawn, possibly

Program 2: 'Bama Shores Ambient DVD

Off-shore drilling enthusiasts and BP shareholders will enjoy kicking back to this DVD while learning more about the creative (and sometime unpredictable!) ways we humans, with our opposable thumbs and our “can do in” attitude, affect the world we inhabit.

'Bama Shores contains six 30-minute excerpts filmed at Orange Beach in 2010, accompanied by soothing arrangements of Beach Boys tunes as performed by the Sons of Entropy.

Disc shows the almost imperceptible and startlingly beautiful way Gulf waters can change from clearest azure to deepest emerald to a subtle irridescence--like a puddle of antifreeze on the sidewalk--to something mottled and then abruptly chunky. Midway through the fifth excerpt there’s an amusing interlude when rowdy, vacationing Auburn State students suddenly appear, run directly into the surf, then run ashore screaming as red welts appear on their faces, necks and chests. Fortunately, it’s all played for laughs.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this DVD go to the Yellowhammer State Tourist Board, which proudly authorizes the disc.

Our next Ambient DVD will be released in time for the spring rains, when many of our customers are cooped up inside waiting for Mud Season to begin:

Watching the River Flow (and Taking the Topsoil With it): Slow motion erosion along the Mississippi. Running time three hrs., 20 minutes.


Do you trim your moustache or your mustache?
Go to the theatre or the theater?
Need a kick in the ass or arse?
Do you honor the flag or honour it?
Which do you simply do not see: a man’s skin color or its colour?
The US and the UK are two nations divided by a common language, as Oscar Wilde–or was it George Bernard Shaw?– so aptly put it. American SpellChecker, from Hunter Gatherer Software, eliminates potential embarrassment caused by politically incorrect or non-preferred alternate spellings.
No more apologizing for looking anaemic when actually, you look anemic. If the boss is paying, skip the appetiser, but not the appetizer. And never refer to the Democratic Party when you mean the Democrat Party.

Also from HunterGatherer:


Vibrant new visuals (Fight it out on the Ginza, in Filene’s Basement or a Williamsburg loft conversion left unfinished after the housing crash, among other environments) enliven this old favorite. The same wacky humor is still in evidence. This time, every NRA avatar has a tiny pecker and Helena Christensen is fat as a house.
New NRA avatars include: Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney, Mel Gibson (mug shot version)
New PETA avatars include Adlai Stevenson, Paul McCartney, Goran Visnjic

“Intermittent awesomeness amidst a sea of carnage...” – Desperate Gamer Monthly

(by Cocksure)

This old-school penile enhancement is just the thing for New Age men, prostate cancer survivors, masters of the universe, titans of industry – in fact anyone insecure about the size and/or power of his trouser ferret.
Women enjoy wearing them for novelty or as a practical joke during romantic interludes.
Gourds like these have been worn by the Dani and Yali people of Papua New Guinea for centuries. In legend, this ageless adornment defends the wearer against ghosts, who can enter the living through unprotected orifices.
The craftsfolk at Cocksure don’t guarantee protection from ghosts, but they warrant that their gourds are organically grown, traditionally styled and will not chafe or bind – if properly worn, that is. (Close, really close, extremely careful reading of instructions is highly recommended before trying on).
Will not interfere with peeing on trees during vision quests or manhood recovery weekends. Not for wear in sweat lodges or during conventional acts of love. Spot clean only.
Our Gourds are available in three sizes:

Mighty Sword

Perfectly Adequate

Little Willy

Little Willy-size Gourd will fit most women, though not exactly like a glove.


More mythopoeic gear from Cocksure: Here is everything you need to make sure your face successfully mediates the tensions between society, nature and the supernatural. May also be used to paint favorite sports team’s colors on self before behaving like rowdy idiot at games. Highly pigmented assortment includes dab-on cream, toner, lip rouge, powder and blood samples of several small animals. Convenient carrying case doesn’t look like makeup kit when closed.


What with the liberal media's constantly going on about the “curvature” of the earth, it’s easy to forget that the theory that the Earth is round is just that: a theory, nothing more, like evolution or relativity, or the Fifth Man or the possibility that one day our species will be enslaved by space invaders who look like Susan Boyle.
Fact is, we all just assume the earth is round – but how do we know? And while we’re on the subject of what we know, did you know that Christopher Columbus, when not out on the high seas looking for plunder, was one of the most popular party magicians in all Genoa? Did you know that the Apollo 8 cargo hold contained an assortment of black drapes and mirrors that were not on the ship’s manifest and whose presence has never been explained, or even noted?
We at Our Store do not consider it Our place to indulge in metaphysical speculation. We are just pointing out that the whole round earth theory is just a theory, that’s all. Whatever.
We also point out that now you can enhance your living room or den with a concrete symbol of tough-minded skepticism in the face of widely known evidence and, quite possibly, the ridicule of friends and family. The Flat Globe goes with virtually any decor, particularly medieval.