Program 1: A Pothole Grows in Brooklyn

Even those who find most ambient DVDs too hectic will calm right down with the sights and sounds of subsidence in the Borough of Kings. Two discs, four hours running time.

Scene 1: Shadows, sun, puddle

Scene 2: Evaporation happens!

Scene 3: Shadow, light

Scene 4: Light, shadow

Scene 5: Shadowy light

Scene 6: Dusk... or maybe dawn, possibly

Program 2: 'Bama Shores Ambient DVD

Off-shore drilling enthusiasts and BP shareholders will enjoy kicking back to this DVD while learning more about the creative (and sometime unpredictable!) ways we humans, with our opposable thumbs and our “can do in” attitude, affect the world we inhabit.

'Bama Shores contains six 30-minute excerpts filmed at Orange Beach in 2010, accompanied by soothing arrangements of Beach Boys tunes as performed by the Sons of Entropy.

Disc shows the almost imperceptible and startlingly beautiful way Gulf waters can change from clearest azure to deepest emerald to a subtle irridescence--like a puddle of antifreeze on the sidewalk--to something mottled and then abruptly chunky. Midway through the fifth excerpt there’s an amusing interlude when rowdy, vacationing Auburn State students suddenly appear, run directly into the surf, then run ashore screaming as red welts appear on their faces, necks and chests. Fortunately, it’s all played for laughs.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this DVD go to the Yellowhammer State Tourist Board, which proudly authorizes the disc.

Our next Ambient DVD will be released in time for the spring rains, when many of our customers are cooped up inside waiting for Mud Season to begin:

Watching the River Flow (and Taking the Topsoil With it): Slow motion erosion along the Mississippi. Running time three hrs., 20 minutes.

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