What with the liberal media's constantly going on about the “curvature” of the earth, it’s easy to forget that the theory that the Earth is round is just that: a theory, nothing more, like evolution or relativity, or the Fifth Man or the possibility that one day our species will be enslaved by space invaders who look like Susan Boyle.
Fact is, we all just assume the earth is round – but how do we know? And while we’re on the subject of what we know, did you know that Christopher Columbus, when not out on the high seas looking for plunder, was one of the most popular party magicians in all Genoa? Did you know that the Apollo 8 cargo hold contained an assortment of black drapes and mirrors that were not on the ship’s manifest and whose presence has never been explained, or even noted?
We at Our Store do not consider it Our place to indulge in metaphysical speculation. We are just pointing out that the whole round earth theory is just a theory, that’s all. Whatever.
We also point out that now you can enhance your living room or den with a concrete symbol of tough-minded skepticism in the face of widely known evidence and, quite possibly, the ridicule of friends and family. The Flat Globe goes with virtually any decor, particularly medieval.

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